To live...

To live...

L .earning 

I .ntellignetly 

F .rom 

E .xperience 

After giving much of MY LIFE to the experience of incarceration, I was baffled by the talents and abilities of individuals and the true potential. The fact that they were in prison and that they continued to come back, recidivism. Why? The question began to dawn on me heavily. The reason for my return wasn't because I didn't know how to do better, it was because I chose not to do better. Honestly, I can say the reason for majority of their returns were because they were not properly informed and/or provided with the ways/or tools to do better. No map provided, and if it were a map it was the wrong city. What I aim to do is provide a G.P.S. Giving individuals the means, knowledge, and motivation for change and live dreams. Turning trash to treasure, spin straw to gold, and make dreams into GOALS!