UV Wand Sanitizer

UV Wand Sanitizer

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UV Wand Sanitizer

Description: Package Contents:

        Universal sterilizer aromatherapy machine.

        Micro USB charging cable.

        User manual.

UV sterilizer with USB charging.

UV certified.

Kills 99% of viruses and bacteria.*

Compatible with most phone devices 6.5 inches and below.


        Sterilizes small items such as phones, airpods, watches, keys, earphones, and jewelry.

        3 minute timers.

UV light sterilizer.

Fits up to 6.5 inches.

3 min UV timer.

1 year warranty (for details, visit sakar.com/warranty/) or call 1-800-592-9541.

CE listed.

FCC listed.


Support: 800 592 9541.

*Protects against viruses and bacteria including, mrsa, e. coli, salmonella, staph, etc

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